• The Aboriginal Representative Body is named the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria. (February)
  • Assembly Election Officers were appointed across the state and had a key role in engaging Aboriginal People and Communities at a local level. There were 12 in total. (May)
  • Eligible voters enrolled for the inaugural First Peoples’ Assembly elections. (May)
  • Over 70 Traditional Owners across Victoria put their hands up to stand as candidates in the first ever First Peoples’ of Victoria Assembly election. (August)
  • The Aboriginal Community came together for a five-week voting election period. (September until October)
  • The Future Dreaming Festival brought together young people from across the state to celebrate identity and culture and participate in the Treaty process. (October)
  • The Treaty Advancement Possum Skin Cloak was unveiled at Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre at the Melbourne Museum. Previously, the Commission met with Aboriginal Communities state wide and carried over 70 pelts on the road show journey, that formed the Treaty Advancement Possum Skin Cloak. Aboriginal Community members inscribed these pelts with their identity and aspirations for Treaty. (October)
  • The inaugural first meeting of the Assembly was held in the Victorian Parliament on 10 and 11 December. (December)