Providing your Identity

To enrol to vote in the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria elections, you’ll need to provide proof of your name and address.

You can do that by providing a photo of one piece of evidence that shows your name and address from any document from this list:

  • Driver Licence or Learner Permit
  • Proof of Age Card
  • Government Concession Card (including Health Care Card)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate
  • Student Identification Card
  • Working with Children Check Card
  • Utilities statement (gas, water, electricity, mobile or home phone)
  • Bank Statement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Credit Card
  • Completed Statutory Declaration (declaring name and current address)

*If you submit a bank, utility or superannuation statement, they must contain an official company letterhead or stamp.

If you can’t provide us with the required evidence, we’ll find another way to verify your identity. This could be by accepting another form of ID or seeking verification from your secondary school, university, TAFE, or medical clinic. Contact us for more information.

If you’re enrolling online, you can provide copies of these documents by scanning them or taking a photo of them and uploading. If you’re using the form on a phone or tablet with a camera, your device will prompt you to take a photo when you click upload on the form.


Traditional Owner Status


If you’re living interstate, you need to provide proof that you’re a Traditional Owner of Country in Victoria to enrol.

You’ll be asked to nominate an organisation that can help provide this verification. This may be a formally recognised Traditional Owner corporation or the First Nations Legal Service, who hold extensive genealogical data.

We’ll contact the organisation on your behalf. You may be asked to provide further details (like family names etc) to help support your application. If you’re unable to be verified by one of these organisations, please contact us via or 1800 TREATY (1800 873 289)

Continue to Enrolment

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