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Want more information? Below is a list of useful links and resources generated by the First Peoples Assembly of Victoria and an archive of resources produced by the Victorian Treaty Advancement Commission.

Information on the Treaty process


Discussion paper: Examples of rights available under statewide and local Treaties 1.50 MB 255 downloads

One of the first decisions for the Assembly was to decide the type of Treaty model...

Infographic: About the interim dispute resolution process 633.29 KB 166 downloads

The Assembly needs to agree a process to resolve disputes that arise between the...

Infographic: About the Treaty Authority 709.49 KB 185 downloads

The Treaty Authority will be the independent umpire in the treaty process. Learn...

Factsheet: Treaty, treaties or both - opportunities in each model 1.83 MB 157 downloads

The type of Treaty model (a statewide Treaty for all Aboriginal Victorians, multiple...

Factsheet: Treaty, Treaties, or both? 219.08 KB 141 downloads

One of the first decisions for the Assembly is the type of Treaty model that will...

The History of Treaty 1.40 MB 195 downloads

Treaty is not a new concept in Australia. There have been repeated calls for Treaty...

The international experience 1.40 MB 117 downloads

The treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840 by Maroi Chiefs and representatives of...

    Information on the Assembly


    Assembly Engagement Materials 3 MB 81 downloads

    The First Peoples’ Assembly is laying the foundations for future treaties between...

    Assembly Cultural Safety Policy 402.47 KB 18 downloads


    Elders' Voice Interim Model Guiding Document 3.37 MB 28 downloads

    The Elders’ Voice is designed as an interim model to be developed by Elders and...

    Annual Report to Parliament 2020 6.00 MB 151 downloads

    The First Peoples' Assembly of Victoria Annual Report to Parliament 2020 was tabled...

    Supporting analysis paper: Additional forms of recognition 1.26 MB 50 downloads

    Supporting analysis paper on additional forms of recognition for the purposes of...

    Discussion paper: Additional forms of recognition 597.43 KB 82 downloads

    Discussion paper outlining structural considerations for developing an additional...

    First Peoples' Assembly of Victoria - Strategy on a page 618.19 KB 154 downloads

    First Peoples' Assembly of Victoria strategy on a page highlighting purpose, guiding...

    2019 Elders consultations on a definition of an Elder 188.27 KB 75 downloads

    2019 Elders consultations on a definition of an Elder ...

    Summary of the 2019 PIC Report on consultations with Elders 650.39 KB 47 downloads

    Summary of the 2019 PIC Report on consultations with Elders ...

    Report: Statewide Gathering / Feedback

    This report gives details on community feedback on the proposed First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria model, released in September 2018. It outlines what the Commission is working on in response to the feedback.

    Report: Elders Forum

    This report outlines discussions at the Elders Forum in September 2018, and sets out the path forward to embed an Elders’ voice within the Assembly.

    Final Treaty Working Group Report: Design of the Aboriginal representative body

    This report outlines the Aboriginal Treaty Working Group’s final recommended design for the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria (formerly referred to as the Aboriginal representative body) as informed by community consultation and the recommendations of the Community Assembly.

    It was handed to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Hon Natalie Hutchins MP in March 2018.

    Pathway to Treaty

    This is a brief, 2-page summary of the journey to treaty.

    It sets out the role of the representative body and its responsibilities.

    Final statement: Community Assembly

    This is the final report from the Community Assembly, a group of 31 Aboriginal people who resolved key questions in late 2017.

    The Assembly made recommendations around the election process for the Aboriginal representative body.

    Every recommendation has been accepted by the Treaty Working Group.

    Establishing Instrument of the Victorian Treaty Advancement Commission

    Proclaimed by Governor in Council on 12 December, 2017

    This Establishing Instrument creates the office of the Victorian Treaty Advancement Commissioner.

    It specifies the Commissioner’s responsibilities, and outlines key matters relating to the operations of the Commissioner, such as staffing, governance and reporting responsibilities.


    Connecting home

    Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations

    Deadly Questions – find out more, and ask questions about Aboriginal cultures

    Reconciliation Victoria – statewide body promoting reconciliation across Victoria

    Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (ANTaR) – an independent national network, working in support of justice, rights and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

    Quarterly Reports of the Victorian Treaty Advancement Commission


    October - December 2019 539.22 KB 87 downloads


    July to September 2019 353.88 KB 11 downloads

    Following the close of Candidate nominations, voting commenced with options for community...

    April to June 2019 413.15 KB 8 downloads

    In this quarter enrolments and candidate nominations opened for the First Peoples'...

    January - March 2019 922.27 KB 16 downloads

    Aboriginal Representative Body was always a temporary name for the body, the Commission...

    October - December 2018 984.26 KB 6 downloads

    Following the September Statewide Gathering and subsequent feedback period, the Commission...

    July - September 2018 3.31 MB 5 downloads

    This quarter saw an intense focus on engaging with community on the treaty process...

    April - June 2018 876.21 KB 6 downloads

    The Commission is focusing on embedding Elders within the Aboriginal Representative...

    January - March 2018 162.72 KB 10 downloads

    Launch of the Victorian Treaty Advancement Commission and final report on the design...

      Archived information sheets

      Note content may no longer be current. See factsheets at top of page for most up to date information.


      How we got to this point (Victoria) 1.34 MB 50 downloads

      Since February 2016, the Aboriginal Victorian community and the Victorian government...

      The Pathway to Treaty 3.41 MB 37 downloads

      The role of the Victorian Treaty Advancement Commission (VTAC) is to establish a...

      Treaty in 2019: What's happening 4.33 MB 34 downloads

      Aboriginal communities are working towards Treaty with the State of Victoria. To...