Reserved Seat holder representing Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation

Troy McDonald


Firstly, I would like to thank all Gunnaikurnai members who supported me in the recent FPAV Reserved seat election process. I am incredibly honoured to represent you.

I’m looking forward to ensuring there is continuity in the work that we have stood up over the previous three years, by way of identifying where we can all support innovation in the journey to self-determination.  

Whilst I am a reserved seat member, I will always support consultations and listen to the matters that mean most to mob anywhere in Victoria as the work has been shaped by you. The heavy lifting has been done with, the Self Determination Fund, The Treaty Authority, and the Treaty Negotiation Framework, now is the call for action to make the Treaty elements work for us and leverage off the intellectual power of all 33 representatives to ensure that we sustain momentum for change. 

All of us need to show up, have a say and effect the change required, knowing that we can alter the narrative in this state. I’m looking forward to chatting and being informed by everyone’s thoughts and activating your voice on the Assembly. 

Inaugural Speech