Reserved Seat holder representing Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation

Zoe Upton

Bunurong, Trawoolway

I am a proud Bunurong woman, and I have been given the privilege and honor to sit on the Assembly for the Bunurong Land Council. I want to thank them for nominating me with this incredible and historical opportunity to represent them and their voices. 

I am a mother and a carer of beautiful children and bring them up with the knowledge and power of knowing who they are and being proud.

I have extensive knowledge and experience working previously in the Government systems and now working for one of our Community Organisations.

I have a passion for truth telling, keeping accountability, true self determination and a drive to get outcomes for our mob. Whilst I am passionate, I cannot do this alone and want to hear from mob living on my country irrespective of whether you are from there or not.

I am so excited to be included on the Assembly and look forward to yarning – come walk with me and we will be able to negotiate a deadly Treaty for us and future generations.


Inaugural Speech of the Assembly's Second Chamber