"> Message to community - December 2019 - First Peoples' Assembly of Victoria

Message to community – December 2019

Assembly Chairs, Geraldine Atkinson and Marcus Stewart

Your Assembly members have met for two days in Melbourne at Parliament House. This is a summary of what has happened, what happens now, and what it means for you.

As with any new organisation, meeting for the first time, there have been changes to the schedule. While this was not ideal, it was necessary to make sure the Assembly did business the right way.

We have been elected as Chair/s, and we have an Executive team of 9 (including ourselves). The other 7 are:

  • Rueben Berg
  • Tracey Evans
  • Melissa Jones
  • Jamie Lowe
  • Ngarra Murray
  • Troy McDonald
  • Trent Nelson

Assembly members met with the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews and the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Gavin Jennings. We discussed the hard work ahead, which will no doubt include challenging periods but will ultimately lead to better outcomes for our people.

These relationships with government will be critical as we take the next steps towards Treaties. We thank the Premier and the Minister for their commitment to the work of the Assembly.

You may have noticed the livestream was cut off at some points. We know this did not sit well with some community members, but it is unavoidable. This is because we as Assembly members sometimes need to do business and have conversations in private. We are committed to being transparent and accountable. We will consider how we can best do this as we go forward.

Your Assembly members will meet again in early 2020. We will keep you informed about the timing, and location, once it’s confirmed.