Upcoming online engagement

The First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria are excited to invite you and your networks to participate in our online Treaty engagement!

Learn more about our first topic Treaty, Treaties, or Both

The next phase of our engagement on the Treaty process will be held online due to necessary restrictions resulting from COVID-19.

Assembly staff have designed a content calendar to enable community members to engage with us on core Assembly business while face-to-face contact isn’t possible. Assembly members will engage through a range of different mediums, including Facebook live-streams, podcasts, expert videos, infographics, online hand-outs, and more.

Engagement will take place in three-week blocks; each block focusing on a different theme that is relevant to the Assembly’s key workstreams. In the short-term, the majority of the Assembly’s work is on developing its position on a Treaty Negotiation Framework, Treaty Authority, Self-Determination Fund, and the Elders’ Voice.

The engagement is designed to help members share community views when they meet again in June. Once safe to do so, face-to-face community engagement will also resume.