Tracey Evans

Tracey Evans, Member for the Metropolitan region

Proud Gunditjmara

Tracey Evans isn’t alone in saying she wishes she had been less alone during the COVID-hit first term of the Assembly, but she also emphasises the milestones that have been achieved so far.

She says it’s been much harder to connect with her people, but it’s also helped to strengthen connections with some others.

“The hardest is that I haven’t been able to get out and about and meet face-to face with Community,” she says.

This has not stopped the Assembly’s work though, and Ms Evans says the energy of Members and staff, their ability to adapt to the circumstances and the willingness of the Community to get involved is seeing awareness of the Treaty process continue to strengthen.

“I hope Community will feel a growing connection to us as the Assembly and representatives of our communities,” she explains.

Despite, or maybe because of, the great challenges and the historic tasks the Assembly has taken on, Ms Evans says she feels great satisfaction from the Assembly’s work.

She has taken on key roles in online engagement events, including as Chair of the Elders’ Voice Committee, recognising the vital role Elders play in our everyday lives and maintaining our culture for generations to come.

It is a role that Ms Evans is particularly honored to have taken on and proud to have been involved in. Looking to the future, she urges the Community to take some lessons from the difficult period we find ourselves in.

“Always be proud, always stay connected to your people, culture and Elders,” she says. “Never give up, and keep fighting, as together we are strongest.”

It’s a unity Ms Evans would like to be shown by the general public too.

“Walk with us, share in this journey and let your friend know what the Assembly is trying to achieve with Treaties and why it’s important to every Victorian.”

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