Call for submissions from community around the Assembly’s work

The First Peoples’ Assembly welcomes submissions on areas of interest to the Assembly’s work on the treaty process and the Assembly’s governance.

The current areas of focus for the Assembly include developing a:

  • strong and independent Treaty Authority
  • Terms of Reference for a truth telling process
  • content and structure of a Treaty negotiation framework
  • resourcing and scope of a Self-determination fund
  • design of an Elders’ Voice
  • additional forms of recognition for Traditional Owner groups for the purpose of reserved seats on the Assembly

What is a submission?

Submissions may include responses from you, your organisation and your community around the Assembly’s work.

This may include how you see potential impacts of Treaties including challenges, how the Assembly can develop a strong treaty process, how the Assembly can best fulfill community aspirations, and how you see treaty successes.

What will my submission be used for?

Submissions help the Assembly understand different views and experiences around the Treaties process.

The Assembly uses information from submissions internally to support Assembly Members, alongside other research and community consultation to assist the development of community-centred and directed ways forward in the Treaties process.

How do I make a submission?

You can make submissions in writing or by speaking with Assembly Members or staff. Submissions will not be published externally without agreement and can be submitted at any time.

If you would like to discuss a potential submission, please contact the Assembly.

Post: 116 Cardigan Street, Carlton, Victoria 3053

Phone: 1800 TREATY