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Celebrating NAIDOC Week and Heal Country!

Happy NAIDOC Week! This week we’re celebrating our collective excellence, resistance and survival as custodians of the world’s oldest living cultures.

Country is at the heart of who we are as First Peoples, and this year’s NAIDOC theme – Heal Country! – speaks to our inherent rights and responsibilities to care for our lands, waters and sacred sites.

Healing Country is about respecting the cultural knowledge that has been practiced for thousands of generations. It’s about recognising and addressing past and ongoing injustices that continue to create barriers for Traditional Owners to manage and care for Country.

Across the continent, cultural heritage is still being destroyed, sacred sites are being desecrated, Country is sick, and our communities have been calling for change.

Treaties are a powerful way to address these injustices and activate our inherent rights to protect and heal Country and strengthen our communities.

The Assembly is laying the foundations for a state-wide Treaty and Traditional Owner Treaties at the local level. Many of the rights that will be included in Treaties are directly related to Traditional Owners rights to care for Country, including decision-making power over how lands and waters are managed, the sustainable management of natural resources, and the power to protect and care for sacred places and objects.

We believe Treaties are a core part of strengthening our communities, activating our inherent rights and ensuring that Country is protected and healed.

If you’d like to learn more about our journey to Treaties in Victoria, check out our new Engagement Pack below.