Facebook Livestream: What is the Elders’ Voice – 11 August 2020

The First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria is excited to invite you to get involved in our next Facebook livestream discussion about What is the Elders’ Voice? from 5pm on Tuesday 11 August 2020.

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing information through our website and social media channels about our work to date on the Elders’ Voice.

The Assembly will be engaging with Elders’ groups within Victoria to gain their feedback on how the Elders’ Voice will work with the Assembly to provide advice, wisdom, and cultural authority to strengthen the decisions made.

We are interested to hear from the community on how you think the Elders’ Voice should function and how we can best work with Elders to oversee the work of the Assembly. We encourage you to join our livestream – and if possible, invite Elders you know so they can get involved in the discussion.

We look forward to speaking with you and hearing from you on this important topic.