North East Youth Statement on Treaty

Feb 15, 2023

Young mob from the North East Region join us on Yorta Yorta Country in Shepparton for their first Treaty Youth Forum. They yarned about their aspirations for Treaty and contributed to a Treaty Youth Statement to inspire other young mob.

We are the birds, we are the earth, we are gum leaves, we are the Barmah Forest. We are those who have been told “you are too white to be Aboriginal” – We are human beings.  

We are Kobie Dee and Barkaa and Archie Roach. We are Yorta Yorta Warriors. We are family, mob, community, First People. We are leaders, strong, deadly, spiritual, resilient, brave and proud. We are descendants of the Elders that lived on the riverbanks, of those who fought for our rights.

We are Indigenous People, the First Nations, the next generation of Traditional Owners – surviving and thriving.

We are worth it.

We are the next generation, staunch and strong. We are the Mob who will raise strong independent children. 

We are creating new paths. We follow the footsteps of our Elders, but we are the footprints of the future.

Our vision for Treaty is equal rights, having a bigger say in what happens and having the same opportunities as non-Indigenous Australians. 

Treaty means more knowledge of identity, schools to teach us about our history, a stronger connection with Language and our Elders, for more youth involvement, for Aboriginal-run education and Aboriginal colleges,  to use and hear our Language on our Land, for better housing and transport and health systems. For an Aboriginal Prime Minister, for everyone to know the real history of Australia and for our culture to be at the forefront of everyday Australia.

As young people we will take on responsibility by using our voice.

We will help improve our community and care for Country. We will fight for our people. We will stand up for what’s right. We will be heard.  

We will help our Indigenous brothers and sisters in care.

We will come together to learn, educate ourselves and our peers – because knowledge is power. We will go to Uni and study outside about our culture. We will listen to our Elders and hear their stories. We will raise awareness of Treaty.

We will show up. We will take leadership roles. We will help and encourage each other.  We will enrol. We will vote for Treaty.

Treaty Youth Forums are part of our Youth Voice initiative, which brings young mob together to learn about our history, practice culture and share their hopes about what Treaty will deliver.