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Our journey to building a community-led Treaty framework

Since the establishment of the Assembly in December 2019, the journey towards Treaties for Victorian Aboriginal communities has been paramount. Here is an outline of our journey to developing a framework for future Treaties to date and next steps. 

February 2020

Assembly begins considering whether there should be a statewide Treaty, multiple local Treaties, or both

June 2020 – February 2021

Community consultation on ‘what should be in a Treaty negotiation framework?’

18-19 June 2020: Assembly agreed its preference for both statewide and local Treaties

With community at the forefront, the Assembly has achieved a significant milestone in the journey to Treaties for Victoria.

In  June 2020, the Assembly Chamber agreed its preferred position on Treaty models: to seek both statewide and local Treaties. 

29 June 2020: Assembly begins to consider what could be included in a Treaty framework

The preferred Treaty model will start to shape the Assembly’s next decision: what should be in a Treaty framework?

The Assembly is now turning its focus to what could be on and off the table in Treaties negotiations, and other content of the Framework, and it needs to hear from you, your family, and community.

August 2020: Assembly Chamber agrees ‘shopping list’ of rights

Members are working with community to develop a ‘shopping list’ of potential rights that are important to Aboriginal people in Victoria as well as other requirements of the Framework such as how agreement is reached between parties. 

The Assembly Chamber (decision-making body) will consider this list of rights in August and begin to explore each right in more detail in 2020.

February 2021: Assembly Chamber considers ‘what should be in a Treaty framework’

A proposal for what should be in the Treaties Framework is expected to be ready for Assembly decision by February 2021.

Answering these two questions, and other operational questions like how Treaties will be enforced, will help the Assembly with another key element of the framework: who in community should be negotiating Treaties? The Assembly will consult with community about this and other topics in 2021.