Report back: Treaty Authority consultations

Feb 9, 2022

Thanks to everyone who recently shared their views on the proposed model for the Treaty Authority.

The Treaty Authority will be the independent umpire to oversee future negotiations of a statewide Treaty and Traditional Owner Treaties in Victoria.

The voices of Community have helped make the proposed design of the Treaty Authority stronger.

We heard loud and clear the importance of a Treaty Authority that can facilitate Treaty negotiations in a way that is culturally strong, fair and accountable to First Peoples Community and this is what we’ll continue to push for in our negotiations with the State Government.

The Treaty process is about moving beyond existing structures to create new institutions that reflect First Peoples Community. Reflecting what we have heard, we are looking to create a fully independent Treaty Authority that will embody and uphold Aboriginal Lore, Law and culture.

What we heard from community

In response to our Discussion Paper, we heard from First Peoples organisations, groups, and individuals, via the Assembly’s website, email and in conversations with community members.

We heard broad support for the Assembly’s proposed model for a Treaty Authority that is entirely independent from government and the Assembly, whose Members are First Peoples, and that observes and upholds First Peoples’ culture, Lore and Law.

The feedback we have received so far is supportive of the proposed guiding principles for the Treaty Authority, of self-determination and empowerment, independence and impartiality, and accountability.

In the feedback we heard

  • It is important to embed Aboriginal Lore, Law and cultural authority, and Aboriginal ways of doing, into the design of the Treaty Authority and its procedures. The Treaty Authority’s processes should uphold cultural knowledge and authority, and incorporate, respect, and listen to Elders.
  • It is important for the Treaty Authority and its procedures to ensure fairness and equality, and transparency to community in treaty-making processes.
  • It is important for the Treaty Authority to be independent, accountable to First Peoples, and to perform its functions in a way that is fair and impartial.

Your feedback was supportive of the Assembly’s proposal for a rigorous and transparent selection process for the people who will make up the Treaty Authority. The feedback supported incorporating Elders’ guidance and participation in the selection process.

More opportunities to have your say

There will be more discussions about the proposed model at the next Chamber meeting of Assembly Members at the end of February and further details will need to be agreed in the following months.

So it’s not too late to have your say about the design of the Treaty Authority. To share your views, you can get in touch with your Assembly Members or email us at

You can also find our Treaty Authority Discussion Paper here.

We’re aiming to reach a final agreement about the Treaty Authority by June this year. If you aren’t already enrolled with the Assembly, please enrol now.

There’s strength in numbers – with more and more mob joining the Assembly’s electoral roll, it sends a clear message that we’re serious about securing meaningful change to improve the lives of our people.

Thanks for walking with us!

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