Strong. Resilient. Deadly.

Oct 14, 2023

There’s no beating around the bush – the referendum result hurts.

Our number one priority must be that we look out for each other.

Let’s be gentle on ourselves and others.

We know the referendum has been hard going for Community.

We’re mob. We’ve been here for more than 60,000 years and we’re not going anywhere.

We are strong, resilient and deadly.

While we believed that a Voice to Parliament at a national level would have been complimentary to our work, it’s important to remember that Constitutional reform isn’t the only show in town. Here in Victoria, we’re making great progress on the journey to Treaty.

The process we’ve established for negotiating Treaties will put decision-making power directly into the hands of Aboriginal communities at a local level.

That’s what we’re focused on and together we’ll get Treaty done.

Let’s be clear, when it comes to Treaty in Victoria, we’re not talking about an advisory body – we’re talking about a meaningful and wholesale transfer of decision-making powers back into Aboriginal hands. Mob making decisions about mob for mob.

Take the time to rest, recover and reflect, and when you’re ready, the First Peoples’ Assembly is here for you.

Mob, we need your ideas, hope and guidance, because on this journey – you get to help set the destination.