Treaty Negotiation Framework

Setting the rules for Treaties negotiations.

The Assembly is building a Treaty Negotiation Framework that will set the rules for Treaties negotiations. This includes: agreeing whether there should be a single, statewide Treaty, multiple local Treaties or both, what should be included in Treaties and who negotiates and is represented by Treaties.

The Treaty Negotiation Framework will aim to recognise and address historic and ongoing injustices, support healing and conciliation and promote the fundamental human rights of Aboriginal people.

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Treaty Negotiation Framework Committee

Led by Committee Chair Jamie Lowe, the Treaty Negotiation Framework Committee is made up of 16 Assembly Members. The Committee is responsible for engaging with community across the state in the creation of a Treaty Negotiation Framework.


Treaty Negotiation Framework resources

Factsheet: Treaty, Treaties, or both?

One of the first decisions for the Assembly is the type of Treaty model that will bring about the best benefits for Aboriginal communities of Victoria. This includes the number of Treaties that there should be. Should there be a single statewide Treaty, multiple Treaties between the state and different groups, or a combination of the two?

Discussion paper: Examples of rights available under statewide and local Treaties

One of the Assembly’s first decisions on the Treaty Negotiation Framework was to work with community to agree a Treaty model that brings about the most benefits for Traditional Owners and Aboriginal people in Victoria.

In June 2020, the Assembly agreed to adopt both a statewide Treaty for shared issues across the State, and multiple local Treaties for local, Country-specific issues.

This discussion paper provides examples of some of the rights that could be considered under local and statewide Treaties, including the different opportunities, implications, potential limitations and examples of how they could look in practice.

Discussion Paper — PDF Download

Factsheet: Treaty, Treaties or both – opportunities in each model

The type of Treaty model (a statewide Treaty for all Aboriginal people in Victoria, multiple Treaties between the state and different groups, or both) will influence which rights are easier or harder to progress in Treaties negotiations.

This factsheet sets out examples of potential rights that could be considered under each of the three options. These examples are based on community feedback and examples from modern Treaty-making processes overseas. They have not been agreed by the Assembly or state.

Factsheet — PDF Download


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