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Kaylene Williamson

Introducing Kaylene Williamson – a proud Gunai Kurnai woman who is honoured to represent the South East Victoria region.

Over the years Kaylene has gained an extensive experience in understanding policies, procedures and legislation. After using her skills and knowledge in different organisations, she feels that now is the time to focus on giving back to her people and community – and hopes to ensure her skills are used for something meaningful.

When reflecting on her biggest influence in life – her mum, Kaylene says, “She is everything, she always taught me that I can do anything. You can have it all, there is always a balance but if you want it then you can, if a door closes on you, then open another one.”

“As an Assembly member, I want to represent my community with respect and integrity – and ensure their voices are heard. If I can honour what they are saying and have that heard through the Treaty process, then my time on the Assembly was worth it.”

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