We are the First Peoples’ Assembly

The First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria is the independent and democratically elected body to represent Traditional Owners of Country and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Victoria.

We believe it’s time to negotiate Treaties between our people and the Government of Victoria and we’re creating a pathway to get there.

Walk with us.

Our commitment to community

The path ahead might not be a straight one, but these are the commitments we make to each other and to Community on the journey.


Our strength is drawn from our community’s diversity. We aim to make sure everyone is welcome and everyone is heard.


We will always treat each other with respect and we’ll call out disrespect when we see it.


Like our culture, our community’s ideas are rich and diverse, we’ll always be up for a yarn. We need your ideas, feedback and guidance.

Meet the members

Meet the Traditional Owners of Country who have been chosen by their communities to represent their hopes, needs and ideas on the journey to Treaty.

Assembly Members represent communities across 5 regions that cover Victoria: Metropolitan, South East, South West, North East and North West.

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It’s because of the wisdom and resilience of our Elders that we are here today, ready to continue their struggles and take the next steps together. The voices of our Elders must be heard and respected. They need to guide our journey towards Treaties in Victoria.


There are currently 31 Members who sit on the Assembly, 21 occupying general seats and the remaining in reserved seats – designated for each formally recognised Traditional Owner group.

The Assembly has developed an additional pathway for Traditional Owner groups who do not have formal recognition under legislation to apply for a reserved seat.