First Peoples' Assembly of Victoria


Voting has now closed for the 2019 First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria election. Thank you to all the Community members who made history and voted for our future. The vote count will start on 31 October.

Vote Now

Treaties are our self-determining right. They can give us justice for the past and hope for the future. The First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria will help us get there.

Victorian Traditional Owners and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living in Victoria are eligible to vote in the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria election.

Voting is open now and will close at 11pm on 20 October 2019.

Voting is easy and you can do it online right now, it only takes about 5 minutes.

Having trouble? We can talk you through the process online, just start an online chat with us by clicking the pink pop-up at the bottom right of your screen.


Before you vote

Have you enrolled?

To be able to vote, you’ll need to make sure you’re enrolled. Enrolment for these elections closed at 9pm on 20 October 2019. Voting will close at 11pm on 20 October 2019.

How do I pick which way I vote?

When you enrol you’ll be asked to pick how you wish to vote. If you later decide you want to vote by post or online you can change your mind by contact us on 1800 TREATY (option 1) or

You have until 5pm 14 October to request a postal ballot and 9pm 20 October to request to vote online. You don’t need to contact us if you decide to vote in person at a polling place.


How to vote online

What you’ll need to do to vote online:

  • Check your email – If you’ve enrolled and selected you wanted to vote online, you’ll be sent two emails (or in some cases a letter). One will have your Enrolment ID and the other your Password and instructions on how to vote. If you cant find these details contact 1800 TREATY (option 1) or email to have these sent to you again
  • Start your online vote – Follow the instructions in your email to access the voting website.
  • Enter your password – You’ll be asked to enter the Enrolment ID and Password sent to you. These are unique to you and cannot be used by anyone else.
  • Choose your candidates – You’ll be asked to click the boxes next to the names of the candidates in the order you wish to vote for them. You will need to number at least nine if voting in the metropolitan region and three for any other region.
  • Complete your vote – You’ll then click next and will see a confirmation screen. Click Finish button, and your vote will be cast. You cannot change your mind after this step.
  • Fix any errors – If you haven’t filled out the ballot correctly, the system will tell you and ask you to fix it before submitting.


How to vote in person

You can enrol in person at any of our polling places across the state. Find out more here.