Member for the South East region

Alice Pepper

Yorta Yorta, Mutti Mutti, Arrernte, Gunnai and Gunditjmara

I stood for the Assembly to be part of the Treaty process and use this opportunity to help protect our culture and our land, because if we don’t, we get sick.

We need to amplify our voices so we are heard and so a system that so clearly hasn’t respected our connection to Country or needs can be changed.

It is most important for us to be able to address these through this journey to Treaty so that our future generations can stand strong on Country, living their culture, living healthy and longer, and aspiring to be who they want to be’ and for me that will be the real measure of our success as time goes by.

Remember a skin would be given to children when they were born and, as they grew, it would be added to with images, which helped tell the story of their life. The Assembly is something like a cloak. It’s at the birth of this Treaty process and the work it does on the framework, Treaty Authority and Self Determination Fund will help protect our groups as they negotiate Treaties.

Inaugural Speech