Leanne Miller

Leanne Miller, Member for the North East region

Proud Dhulanyagen Ulupna of the Yorta Yorta people

Leanne says her experience so far as an elected Member of the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria has been like nothing else she’s experienced.

“It has been a role that you curate as you go into your term of office, we had a lot of external environmental impacts featuring heavily on what would be peaks and troughs in the Assembly’s work program with a challenging community engagement program in 2020 and 2021,” she says.

With national and international experiences to draw on, Leanne stood for the Assembly because she believed she could make a contribution.

“My skill set and experiences include at state, national and international levels, from lobbying policy and research. Adding in key networks, are the perfect mix to support our community conversations to build a Treaty Negotiation Framework,” Leanne explained.

In the remainder of the Assembly’s first term, Leanne would like to see more of our communities having input or a say when the Assembly calls for Community views.

This assists with design inputs of a Treaty Negotiation Framework.

“This enables Assembly members to be grounded as we increase awareness and support around what elements are involved in a Treaty Negotiation Framework and an understanding of what roles local Treaties can play within a framework,” she explains.

“It would be helpful to have a level of engagement where constituents can see how their views are being responded to by the Assembly.

“If you cannot make some of the advertised Assembly yarns join the email list to be up to date. If you do not have time to put your thoughts down on some topics give the local engagement project officer a call who may be able to assist.”

Leanne stood for election on the Assembly because she felt the Treaty Negotiation Framework process needed strong women’s voices to help carry forward the vision of our ancestors. She also maintains that a collective effort
is needed from all Victorians to ensure we build a positive future together.

Inaugural speech