The Elders’ Voice

Ensuring Elders are at the heart of a culturally strong Treaty process.

The Elders’ Voice committee was set up to empower an Elders’ Voice by mid 2021. Once established, the Elders’ Voice will provide Aboriginal Elders of Victoria with opportunities to exercise their cultural authority and experience to strengthen Victoria’s progress towards Treaties by providing guidance, wisdom and cultural oversight to the work of the Assembly.

Community Consultations: Elders’ Voice Sample Model

We are working to develop an Elders’ Voice model to ensure our work includes the guidance, wisdom, and cultural oversight of our Elders. To help establish the Elders’ Voice, we are seeking feedback on the proposed model from Elders.


Elders’ Voice Committee

Led by Committee Chair Tracey Evans, the Elders’ Voice Committee is made up of 19 Assembly Members. The Committee is responsible for engaging with Elders across the state in the creation of the Elders’ Voice.

“As the Chair of the Elder Voice Committee, I am immensely proud to lead this with work with the committee members, and on behalf of Assembly, the community and our Elders. The voice of our Elders are sacred to the journey of Treaties. We must learn, listen and give space for our Elders voices to be heard. Our Elders will create the path and show us the way.” – Tracey Evans


Elders’ Voice resources

Elders' Voice Sample Model

The First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria has been working on developing an Elders’ Voice model to ensure the Assembly’s work includes the guidance, wisdom, and cultural oversight of our Elders.

Elders’ Voice Sample Model – PDF Download

Infographic: Elders' Voice Sample Model

This infographic explains the proposed model of the Elders’ Voice role, meetings, structure and membership.

2019 Elders’ Voice report

In 2019 the Victorian Treaty Advancement Commission contracted PricewaterhouseCooper’s Indigenous Consulting (PIC) to engage with Victorian Aboriginal Elders to identify their priorities in the design of an Elders’ Voice to the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria. This report is now informing the work of the Assembly in finalising the design of the Voice.

2019 Elders’ Voice Report — PDF Download

2018 Elders' Forum report

This report outlines discussions at the Elders Forum in September 2018, and sets out the path forward to embed an Elders’ voice within the Assembly.

2018 Elders Forum Report — PDF Download


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