Traditional Owners chosen to negotiate Treaty in Victoria

Jun 17, 2023

The counting of votes in Victoria’s historic Treaty Elections is complete and the results are in!

Outgoing Assembly Co-Chair, proud Nira illim bulluk man of the Taungurung Nation, Marcus Stewart, said the Treaty Elections are a watershed moment for the decolonisation of Victoria.

“This is self-determination in action. First Peoples in Victoria have spoken. These are the people who will represent us mob proudly and will get Treaty done. It’s a big honour, but also a big responsibility.

“I hope all mob in Victoria now get behind our new Assembly Members, because Treaty is our chance to think big. Nothing is off the table, so we need to push hard together.

“Treaty is our opportunity to ensure First Peoples will always have the freedom and power to make the decisions that affect our communities, our culture, and our land,” said Marcus.

North West Region

  • Rodney Carter, Dja Dja Wurrung
  • Jacinta Chaplin, Wadi Wadi, Wamba Wamba
  • Jason Kelly, Wamba Wamba, Mutthi Mutthi

North East Region

  • Levi Power, Yorta Yorta
  • Belinda Briggs, Yorta Yorta, Wamba Wamba, Wurundjeri and Ngiyampaa
  • Nicole Atkinson, Bangerang, Gunditjmara

South West Region

  • Jordan Edwards, Gunditjmara, Waddawurrung, Arrernte
  • Michael ‘Mookeye’ Bell, Gunditjmara, Boandik
  • Sheree Lowe, Gunditjmara

South East Region

  • Alice Pepper, Gunnai, Yorta Yorta, Mutti Mutti, Gunditjmara, Arrernte
  • Peter Hood, Kurnai
  • Brian Stevens, Gunai

Metro Region

  • Barry Firebrace-Briggs, Yorta Yorta, Ulupna
  • Indi Clarke, Wemba Wemba, Mutti Mutti, Boon Wurrung, Trawlwoolway and Lardil
  • Troy Austin, Gunditjmara
  • Esme Bamblett, Bangerang, Taungurung, Wiradjuri
  • Ngarra Murray, Wamba Wamba, Yorta Yorta, Dhudhuroa, Dja Dja Wurrung
  • Tracey Evans, Gunditjmara, Bundjalung
  • Nerita Waight, Yorta Yorta, Narrandjeri
  • Alister Thorpe, Gunai, Yorta Yorta, Gunditjmara
  • Uncle Shane Charles, Wurundjeri, Boon Wurrung, Yorta Yorta
  • Gary Murray, Dhudhuroa, Yorta Yorta, Barapa Barapa, Dja Dja Wurrung, Wamba Wemba, Wergaia, Wiradjeri

Read the candidate statements.

In addition to the incoming Members listed above, chosen by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in their regions, the Assembly also has reserved seats that the various Traditional Owners groups elect their specific representatives to. Traditional Owner groups are still in the process of electing their representatives before the new group of Assembly Members gather for the first time, next month.

Last year the Assembly hosted over 360 Community events and had more than 23,000 conversations with mob right across the state to continue gathering ideas and input about how the journey to Treaty should unfold. The Assembly Members also reached agreement with the Victorian Government about key pieces of architecture to enable Treaty-making – such as the establishment of an independent Treaty umpire and a Self-Determination Fund to support Traditional Owners to prepare for negotiations.

The Assembly then held its second election from 13 May to 3 June, inviting all eligible First Peoples to help choose the people who will negotiate with the Victorian Government a statewide Treaty to tackle the big overarching statewide issues like improving health, education, and justice.

In this second term, the Assembly will also help empower the diverse Traditional Owner groups in Victoria to start negotiating Treaties in their areas that reflect their specific aspirations and priorities.

The Assembly has more than tripled its electoral roll since its first election in 2019 – with now more than 7,000 people able to have their say in Assembly Elections.

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