This is Treaty

Treaty is our opportunity to make sure we always have the freedom and power to make the decisions that affect our communities, our cultures and our Country.

When it comes to Aboriginal communities, Aboriginal people are the experts.

That’s why we’ve created a Treaty negotiation framework that will directly empower Traditional Owners of Country to implement their own solutions at a local level.

And later this year we’ll  be sitting down with the Victorian Government to negotiate a statewide Treaty. 

Nothing is off the table. So we need to think big, and push hard! Here are some of the key concepts being discussed.

More than one treaty

The Assembly will negotiate a statewide Treaty covering statewide matters, and will also empower the diverse Traditional Owner groups in Victoria to negotiate Treaties that reflect specific aspirations and priorities in their areas.

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Representation and decision-making powers

The Assembly is pushing for better representation and political power for First Peoples.

We think decisions about First Peoples communities, culture and land should be made by First Peoples, not Government. So we want to agree on a process and timetable for transferring power from Government to Community.

We’re also still gathering ideas from Communtity about what powers and scope Treaty should provide the Assembly with and how to make sure all First Peoples in Victoria are represented.

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New institutions grounded in our culture

To achieve these things, an initial step the Assembly has negotiated is for the Government to give up some of its power by agreeing to establish an independent Treaty Authority that sits outside of the usual government bureaucracy.

This body would be grounded in our culture, lore and law, and will essentially serve as the ‘independent umpire’ and help disputes that might arise.

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Economic independence

As part of the journey to Treaty, we’ve developed a Self-Determination Fund to help build wealth for future generations and also make sure Traditional Owners are ready to enter Treaty negotiations with the Government on a more equal playing field.

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What are the next steps?

The Treaty Negotiation Framework

These are just some of the key concepts of the Treaty Negotiation Framework that we have negotiated with the Victorian Government.  The Framework sets out the ground-rules and scope for future Treaty making.

In 2024 the Assembly will start to negotiate a statewide Treaty to tackle the big overarching statewide issues and transfer decision-making powers from Government to Community. 

The Assembly will also help empower the diverse Traditional Owner groups in Victoria to prepare for Treaty negotiations in their areas that reflect their specific aspirations and priorities.

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Hey Mob! It's time to get involved

We’ve got a bold and positive agenda, but self-determination isn’t just the destination – it’s also how we get there! That’s why we need Mob to get involved, have a say and show support for Treaty by enrolling with us.