Member for the North West region

Rodney Carter

Dja Dja Wurrung

I live in central Victoria and I am a descendant of the Dja Dja Wurrung people. As an Assembly Member, I will ensure a strong voice on advocacy for the needs of all people upon treaty matters in the north western electoral region.

I believe that Treaty can be something for everyone to share in. As a Traditional Owner, our leadership needs to ensure that everyone benefits from the opportunities that Treaty could provide.

Treaty provides us a unique chance, as a sovereign people that have never ceded our homelands, to be properly recognised and that we sit as equals, to be a positive example for all Victorians.

Our Ancestors never had the respect of the colonial powers of the day. I am honoured to represent you at this Assembly, so our Ancestor’s voices are not forgotten, and our children and future generations have greater opportunities than we have today.

Member Updates

March 2024 — Meeting of Assembly at Lakes Entrance

I am a Djaara (Dja Dja Wurrung) and Walithica (Yorta Yorta, B/Pangerang) person residing at Bendigo Central Victoria. I am part of the North West electoral region.

A key priority for me is to support our people in North West to establish well governed organisations that fully represent their communities and to be successful in applications to be Registered Aboriginal Party’s and in Treaty Matters and subsequent negotiations. I would also like to support those organisations to take leadership for other Aboriginal and Torrs Strait Islander (ATSI) peoples in their respective communities. I would also like to see that those ASTSI peoples are supportive of the leadership and care being shown by Traditional Owners. Being a Co-Chair of the Elders’ Voice has been a very pleasing responsibility for me and I look forward to us empowering Elders to take greater control of the messaging and advice to us. The Elders’ Voice though has been demanding above what is already expected of us at FPAV. The administrative nature of the FPAV, though a necessity, can become a distraction from being more available at a community level and as such I am disappointed in myself not being able to do more. I feel positive about the recent Members Support team and their work with our region on better coordinating resources to engage and create other forms of regional outcomes in the North West. The two chambers held at Country Creswick and Bendigo were a highlight and it was good to see members engaging with each other. The Community meeting on a night at Bendigo was insightful and well attended, those community were wanting to hear back from Treaty on matters that they had raised years before. Similarly, at a Horsham community meeting there was a desire to be hearing more.

The Elders and Youth meetings at Mildura, Robinvale (Euston) and Swan Hill gave me a better understanding of the problems faced by our people, all of which were very common as we know around being disadvantaged and disengaged. I look forward to the continuing involvement in the Treaty implementation and sharing the existing achievements by my mob to the benefit of others. In particular I wanted to thank the Co-Chairs for their commitment, drive and leadership for us, they are very capable people and also the Convenors and Staff for all that they do keeping us on track and our work to such a significant standard.

Inaugural Speech of the Assembly's Second Term