Member for the South West Region

Sheree Lowe

Gunditjmara, Peek Whurrong, Djab Whurrung, Kirrae Whurrung

Ngata, my name is Sheree Lowe, my family are the Austin and Clarke mobs, I am a member of Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation and was born and raised and continue to live in Ballarat on Wadawurrung lands.

I acknowledge the activism and strength of those who have become before me. I am passionate and committed to work with integrity and be accessible to our communities to ensure that the negotiated Treaty is reflected of our aspirations and empowers us.

I believe our communities are owed a Treaty in which represents our core values as First Peoples. A Treaty which is guided by our Elders knowledge, wisdom, and authority. A Treaty which our future generations and young people can inherit. And a Treaty which upholds our sovereignty, lore, and cultural authority as First Peoples.

I believe that our communities should be the driving forces in negotiating a Treaty, rather than the interests of government bureaucracies who have failed our mob. I believe that with engagement of all of our community, our Treaty will deliver on meaningful outcomes which doesn’t compromise on our authority, values, and strengths.

Tdo (thank you)

Inaugural Speech of the Assembly's Second Term