Reserved Seat holder representing First People of the Millewa Mallee Aboriginal Corporation

Melissa Jones

Latje Latje, Jupagulk

It’s been a hard process, but at the same time, rewarding to achieve what we have so far. As a Chamber we have got the engine pulling things together. 

I have gained knowledge and the confidence to keep going and doing the best job I can for my people and the rest of the nations of Victoria. Being a board member and a Co-Chair with Troy McDonald on the Truth-Telling Committee was educational and inspiring. 

White Australia has the untold story of a Black History. It’s about time the Truth was told. It needs to be told. The real stories need to be told! And for our Aboriginal community. It’s time, it’s our time and it’s the right time. 

Member Updates

March 2024 — Meeting of Assembly at Lakes Entrance

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Inaugural Speech of the Assembly's Second Term