Join First Peoples in telling Facebook to do better when it comes to racist trolls

May 25, 2023

We always knew that as momentum grew for things like Treaty, Truth-telling, and the Voice to Parliament, the darkness that lurks in our society could be drawn out into the light.

And we always expected to cop more abuse online as a result. We’re used to it – our team has to read it every single day.

In the last week, we’ve blocked about 300 people who have gone out of their way to leave racist attacks and slurs on our posts.

But what really got us worked up this week was when we reported foul racist abuse to Facebook and the company responded by claiming the comments complied with its community standards.

So we’re drawing a line in the sand and demanding better.

We’ve sent an open letter to Facebook calling out their pissweak policies when it comes to racism and we’d love you to add your name to this petition to show that we’re not alone in expecting better from them.

Sign the petition

We shouldn’t have to defend ourselves against a tidal wave of racism – the big social media companies need to start taking responsibility for what happens on their platforms.

Sign now and together we can push for a safe online environment for everyone.

Thank you.